Platoon Of Marines Performs Flawless Trick Drill

What an honorable video this is. The platoon of Marines is practicing their "monkey drill" the day before graduation. They call it a "monkey drill" because it is improvised. Even though it is improvised, it takes a lot of coordination. You need to be comfortable with just about everything. You need to be comfortable with your equipment, many different moves, and tricks, and of course, there can be no hesitation. There has to flow to the routine.

This monkey drill was performed quite well. They make it look easy, but it is actually a very difficult task to achieve. Even with all their heavy gear, they performed the drill very well. It takes a lot of practice to get as good as these marines. They look like they are very close to each other and will make the audience very proud. What an exciting moment for them! Anyone who knows someone in the Marines will easily agree that they’re some of the most incredible people on Earth. The choreography they learn for the drills is l is practiced just like the Marines train their muscles to perform at maximum efficiency. Really cool!

The marine instructor would stand before the recruits and slowly execute a drill movement. Each marine must remember the calls and move instantly guided by the voice of the drill instructor! Amazing! What do you think did they pass the "monkey" drill test? Hooray!

When you consider preparing for the military, you most likely envision bold guys running in perfect arrangement, sneaking under the metal wire, and getting innovative nicknames to spit into their faces by their bosses. Actually, military preparing procedures change a considerable measure from nation to nation: Some are madly detailed, some are madly brutal, and some are fine simply being plain old crazy.

Want to hear some of them? For example, South Korea and China force soldiers to have shirtless snow fights! Little bit extreme, don’t you think? They have to travel to the icy region f Pyongyang to train in negative-30-degrees Celsius. Also, this extreme training involves wrestling and gymnastics.

The US Marine snipers have to bath in a rancid pond for a month. This kind of sliming into the mud stop step from reflecting on the light. This procedure continues for a month, until the point that the Marines are more marsh than a fighter. When this soil crap mold march is finally over, the expert snipers are regarded prepared for battle, guaranteeing just the grimiest marsh beasts make it to the cutting edges.

Last and maybe the most extreme Belarus red berets! To become a red beret in Belarus you have to complete an obstacle course that probably looks even more dangerous than the movie ‘Generation Kill’.

Of course, this obstacle course includes tires,  balance beams, and climbing walls, but with its own insane twist: everything is on fire! In 2012 more than 150 recruiters tried to become a red beret but only 17 people passed the course! That's a pretty bad graduation rate for any class!

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