Firefighters Revive Dog Using CPR

Published February 15, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThey are the silent heroes that save multitudes of lives daily. From a stubborn kitten stuck in the crown of a decades-old tree, to a multistorey building engulfed in flames, no feat is too big or too small for these brave men and women. They are trained to take on anything that comes their way in order to make sure everyone gets to go home safe and sound.

That is why it should come to no surprise that this team of extraordinary people stopped at nothing to save a four legged little creature from what could surely be its doom. Some time during the first days of February of this year, the firemen from the Sacramento Metro Fire District in Cali were called to a home in the Arden-Arcade area. There, they encountered a bedroom wrapped up in blazing flames and the home’s owners patiently waiting for help outside. There was just one problem - their pet dog Dicky was still trapped inside!

Luckily for this family, the brave firefighters were up to the task. It took this team no more than 10 minutes to get inside the burning house, but what they found inside wasn’t pretty. The pooch had already inhaled too much smoke while waiting for help to arrive.

The body cam on one of the officers shows just how gruesome it was in the home. The had to break open the front door to get in, dark smoke filling up the air. Their eyes, used to the conditions, kept peeled to find any sign of Dicky. Eventually, the team makes their way to the bedroom where it all started to find the dog underneath the bed, unconscious.

Not a moment is wasted, as one of the firemen grabs Dicky’s unresponsive body and brings him outside, while the family holds onto hope that their pet will come out safe. Any life is precious, which means only one thing - they need to perform CPR on Dicky.

As one fireman does compression's of the dog’s tiny chest, another holds an oxygen mask over its mouth. Minutes feel like hours, watching to see if the tiny pooch will pull through…

Surely enough, tiny Dickey snaps awake, disoriented but alive. Other men gather at his side, to make sure that he is otherwise unharmed. He may be scared out of his fluffy mind and all covered in soot, but he looks like he will be just fine.

Credit: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District