Fluffy chow chow puppy conquers high step

Published July 3, 2017 64,873 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWatch this hilarious but also adorable video as Puffie the 4-month-old chow chow successfully manages to climb up a single stair. Watching this dog try with all it's might to conquer this massive challenge that it faces is so adorable. Do I have to mention how gosh darn fluffy it is? Cuteness overload!

Don't you just want to take this dog home with you? It looks like a living, breathing cloud that will always be begging for food! Seeing it's little tail wag as it tries to overcome that step just ads to the cuteness factor a bunch! Not to mention it's name! Puffie is a perfect name for this amazing little dog! We could all learn a thing or two from this little pup, that if we try our hardest and do not give up when things get difficult, we can persevere through and conquer our goals!

Like any dog, Puffie surely likes to play a lot. If Puffie ever runs out of toys, more dog toys on Amazon can always be purchased! After all what dog doesn't like playing with toys?

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