Puppy Can't Understand Why Dog Statue Won't Play With Him

Published February 13, 2019 6,761 Views $22.98 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere's presumably that our creatures turn out to be part of the family. They are an exceptional piece of our lives that God set on this Earth. Take our puppies, for instance. These adorable and amazing creatures love us restrictively, and there's genuinely a motivation behind why they call them man's best friends. Dogs are the best remedy for a bad mood! They always find a way to make us laugh, not matter if intentionally or not. They are fun little fur balls that have a special place in our hearts.

Take this dog as an example! He wants to play with a statue that looks like a real live dog, but he can’t understand why the figure does not want to play with him, so being a little rebel he starts barking at the statue, and the whole situation is hilarious! This dog statue is so real that a barking puppy wants to play with it! Hilarious!

We would be so happy to play with you buddy, you look adorable, and we believe that we will have a fantastic time together! We can’t stop laughing at this adorably determined dog who doesn’t seem to comprehend why the fake dog doesn’t want to play with him. The sad pup is destined for disappointment because the odds of this statue representing with him are not existent, but he’s going to keep trying, and we respect that. You do you, dog!

We love when we watch funny videos like this. Dogs have fantastic spirit and love that wants to give to everybody, even if they are statues who can’t move and play with him. It shows that this dog is raised with a lot of love, care, endless games around the house and lots of time hanging out with other dogs.

It is amazing how much attention they want when they want to play. This dog wanted to play baseball with his friend that he had to intercept the little boy’s baseball pitch!

This tiny tot called Brady was trying to perfect his game, playing a bit of baseball with the help of his mom. He got prepared, got in position and waited for the ball to come. He waited, and waited, and waited some more, but the ball never came. And why is that, you are asking? Well, a certain four-legged someone decided that Brady had his share of the fun, and now it was his turn. So funny!