Playful Dog Intercepts Little Boy's Baseball Pitch

Published August 17, 2017 6,121 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAh, the joys of being a kid. You get to sleep as much as you want, play all day long, make a mess out of yourself and not worry about cleaning it later. Basically it’s all fun and games, but there is a catch. After all, not everything is perfect.

Imagine living a carefree life full of toys, balls and no school, and all of a sudden someone rains on your parade. You realize that your toys are not only yours. Your balls have holes and slobber all over them and your best friend claims that they are his own. Well, unfortunately, c’est la vie.

This tiny tot called Brady was trying to perfect his game, playing a bit of baseball with the help of his mom. He got prepared, got in position and waited for the ball to come. He waited, and waited, and waited some more, but the ball never came. And why is that, you are asking? Well, a certain four-legged someone decided that Brady had his share of the fun, and now it was his turn. His good friend, Mr. Dog, leapt in the air while his mom was throwing the ball and caught it between his teeth, running away from the crime scene like he has done this a million times before.

Better luck next time, bud!