Bride's Receives Emotional Surprise By Her Four Brothers

Published February 12, 2019 7,029 Plays $15.86 earned

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsThe video presented to you today is about the bride of a wedding that received a surprise from her four brothers. It was recorded during the union of two souls through marriage. The footage must come from of the guest of the event, or from the photographer.

The footage starts with the bride in frame, as a classical Disney song is played (It is the song from “The beauty and the beast”, from the scene where they have a slow dance in the castle).
She is really pretty with her dress, everyone that can be seen in the background is also wearing a suit or a dress. The room is also really nice with tiny led lights on the windows, it gives a warmth and welcoming feeling that goes well with a marriage.

After a couple seconds into the video, on of her brothers steps in frame and take his sister (the bride) for a slow dance. It is directed towards their dad that recently passed prior to the wedding. It is truly heartwarming, they dedicated this time during the party to remember their dad. The brothers did well with this as the bride was not aware of this dance. The song is also her favorite song from her childhood, it must have some connection to her dad. Also, it does fit the mood because the song is meant to be slow danced to.

The brothers are taking turns during the slow dance to dance with their recently married sister. Everyone body seems to be enjoying the scene and what is happening. The bride is smiling and she tearing as well. The emotions must have got to her. People in the background are slow dancing on their own or recording the moment with their mobile phones. Nobody is interfering with the slow dance, not even the kids. One kid can be seen in the background and even she is watching calmly. The husband of the bride is not shown to us during this video. Maybe he is one of the person standing at the back but it would be hard to recognize him.

Marriages are moments meant to be shared with family and friends. The family must have been devastated when they lost they loved one. This dance dedicated to this lost member of the family is truly inspirational, the fact that those 2 families are now united, through love, but they were not selfish and dedicated time for their family.