Flash Mob In Mall Turns Into Surprise Marriage Proposal

Published March 20, 2018 928 Plays $2.14 earned

Rumble / Caught DancingEvery girl dreams of the way she will get proposed to by the man of her dreams. Some like pomp and circumstance, hearts and flowers, people to see that they were finally chosen to be someone’s mate for life. Others would like nothing more than for it to happen in a private setting, just them and their beloved, because it is the most romantic thing in the world.

Surely it must be hard for guys who can’t figure out how their lady would like to be <a href="https://rumble.com/v3c6hj-he-saved-her-life-then-proposed-to-her.html" target="_blank">proposed</a> to. What if she doesn’t want people to see her bawling her eyes out, slobbering while struggling to say “yes”? Of course they would like nothing more than for their girl to feel comfortable, while making one of the most important decisions in her life.

John felt it was the right time for him to propose to his girlfriend Hanny. He says it is December 21, the day before he made the greatest decision of his life. So he took his chosen one to the local mall, to marvel at the spectacular decorations. It really is magical.

As they walk in, a group of girls start dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” in the center of the mall. Hanny whips her phone out, because they dance so well and it really is a spectacle. But she does not suspect a thing, until John jumps in with the guys, following their every move, as if he rehearsed with them for hours on end.

When Bruno sings “Just say I do”, John steps out of the flash mob and reaches in his pants’ pocket. Hanny’s jaw drops. This is it! By now, a whole crowd of people has gathered around the dancing mob to watch, so John pulls Hanny to the middle of the huge circle of spectators and drops to one knee. Of course, she said yes!

Speaking of unique proposals, you just have to see what one <a href="https://rumble.com/v3tj11-surprise-proposal-by-a-police-deputy.html" target="_blank">sheriff’s deputy did to his girlfriend</a>. We still can’t believe it!