Kid Disappointed After Dad's Ice Fishing Fail

Published February 12, 2019 2,841 Plays $2.57 earned

Rumble / Epic FailsWhen parents spends time with their kids doing something enjoyable for everyone can be pretty awesome. Parents use moments like these to bring their children closer through activities they enjoy. Sometimes they teach them an instrument they like playing, sometimes they take them out for a weekend camping. Some parents take their kids to the gym, in the hopes of showing them that taking care of your body is a sacred mission because we only have the one and we need to make sure it lasts us good.

Then, there is fishing. Sharing a quiet moment in the great outdoors, closer to nature, while having a chat with your little guy or girl about how important this hobby is to you and then taking your catch back home, where you prepare it together for a family feast...there can be nothing more rewarding.

These parents certainly though so, because they took their two young boys out ice fishing. Some parents might cringe at the thought of their kid spending so much time in the cold, but these came well prepared with warm shoes, snow onesies and thick beanies. Nothing would stop them from getting that fish. Well, except for one thing.

See, ice fishing is a very serious business. You need to find a body of water with a decent layer of ice on top of it, then drill a hole through it to sink your line in the water and hope for a catch. Then, there is the element of surprise, since you can’t really see the fish bite, so is soon as the thing starts tugging at the line, time is of the essence to bring it out. It was a lesson this tiny fisherman was supposed to learn today, but it seems he was much more interested in what is happening below the surface.

Now, we have to admit, he really has the sporting spirit about him. We imagine that if it were any other kid, they would probably break into tears for the lost catch, but all this boy did was look down the fishing hole and just go “oh”. That’s it. His dad did try his best to help his little man with his first catch, but unfortunately it did not go as planner. The look on the kid’s face sure was priceless though!

What was your favorite thing to do with your dads? Leave us a comment in the section below. We bet it was pretty awesome!