Toddler breaks into tears after reeling in fish

Published May 31, 2017 2,997 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhat an interesting turn of events going on in this video. It starts of as a normal fishing trip. The family gets out into the boat and everyone dips their lines into the water. This young fisherman had a surprising reaction after a few minutes goes by of his hook being in the water. When a 4 year old likes fishing but is very scared of fish THIS is the result! How cute is that?!

At first, everyone is excited for this little guy hooking what presumably is his first fish. Even he seems ecstatic from the start. Then things turned quickly for the little boy. As soon as he realized what was going on, he began to bawl resulting in a hilarious moment for the rest of the family. How funny!

A hilarious moment captured on video while on a fishing trip with the family. As this kid grows up, you can bet that this video will be shown again and again.

Check out this hilarious reaction to catching a fish.