Baby Has Hysterical Bib-Tossing Showdown With Dad

Published February 8, 2019 5,766 Views $26.47 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsIn this video, as one-year-old baby boy is seen interacting with his father. However, their interaction gets our attention and makes us smile because this is not your run-of-the-mill father-child interaction! The young father is seen placing his son’s bib on the baby’s high chair. The baby immediately grabs the bib and throws it on the ground behind him. We then see his father bend over, and pick up the bib again, placing it on the baby boy’s high chair. The baby once again throws down the bib and the cycle continues.

There are several things about this video that are humorous, and keep viewers riveted. The first is perhaps the father, who is obviously playing into the game with his son. He is being playful and a little dramatic, with big, quick movements. He is also throwing down the bib with force, encouraging the game...or is it a challenge? The baby boy does not appear to be smiling. Perhaps he is having fun? Or perhaps he is feeling slightly frustrated because he just wants the bib to be gone and it keeps coming back?

It’s possible that this baby boy is serious about getting the bib gone, and he’s asserting his independence from the bib. Several times we see him act as though frustrated, or perhaps amused, and he looks like he bites his hand when the bib reappears in front of him. We see the baby throw back the bib with great force, matching force and escalating as his father escalates the interaction. Another thing that intrigues viewers of this video is the laughter and apparent entertainment that the person filming and others that were present in person to witness the spectacle.

Their laughter is contagious, and reflects the feelings of those watching the video on It’s fascinating how we as viewers are puzzled at first as to whether or not this is a tense – perhaps unhappy – exchange between father and son. But as we begin to hear laughter, and the laughter grows, we feel permission to laugh ourselves, and we are able to properly interpret the father’s intentions and actions as being playful rather than upset. Anyone who has parented a baby or young child knows that these games are tremendously amusing, and opportunities to participate in these games appear on a regular basis. Baby’s will test the adults in their lives, and despite their young age, their intelligence and awareness is clear with they engage with us in this way.

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