Shark Feasts On Floating Whale Carcass

Published January 11, 2019 97 Views

Rumble / Ocean LifeThis video is not for the faint hearted or the weak stomach. However, this is a natural process that is featured in this video. The reality of the ocean is that creatures, however majestic, are going to die at some point. The circle of life ensures that other animals have to eat, and the bodies of the deceased are going to naturally become food sources for other sea dwelling creatures.

The person who made this discovery is a lifeguard. He also operates jet skis. When he found the body of an enormous sperm whale that was being devoured by sharks. This is a pretty shocking scene, especially since most people do not ever have a chance to see sharks in the wild in person. Not only did this onlooker get to see a shark in the wild with his own eyes, he saw over a dozen sharks! He had the presence of mind to pull out his camera phone and capture the scene on video. The lifeguard made the following statement about what he saw:

"I work as a lifeguard jet ski operator for the city. I would say the whale carcass was about a half mile out from sand island beach park with around ten to fifteen tiger sharks. The only sharks that were feeding were the three biggest sharks out of all of them that were there. I'm not too sure how the sperm whale died, but it is still in the ocean."

The video starts right in the middle of the action. The top of the deceased whale floats just above the water’s surface, but most of the body of the whale is submerged under the water. Immediately, viewers will see one of these large sharks feasting on the whale. The shark’s nose pokes out of the water as he takes large bites into his new found lunch. The shark viciously tears at the whale’s body.

Even though this is a bit sad for those who love whales, remember that if sharks like these did not eat the body of the dead whale, there would be an even bigger problem. Then there would be whale and other sea animals’ bodies floating around aimlessly all over the world. The ocean has its very own eco system, just like every other place on earth. This system ensures that waters stay clean, and it ensures that food sources are available for all species of creatures that are at home in the beautiful oceans surrounding our planet.

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