Nonchalant Seal Catches A Piggyback Ride On A Friendly Whale

Published November 8, 2015 1,153,094 Views

Boaters were watching a precious seal swimming around in the water, when something unexpected happened. A friendly whale emerged right under the seal and picked up the little fella on its back. Watch as a playful seal decides to go for a ride after jumping onto the back of a whale! He has a personal chauffeur! It's not everyday that you capture an interaction like that.

Footage captured off the Baja Peninsula of Mexico during a recent whale watching tour makes for an incredible sight! It's not every day that you get a glimpse into what's going on in the deep blue sea. Even if you travel a lot, you can't see it all. Thankfully cameras have become easily available to everyone, and with the beauty of the internet, with one click of a button the whole world can see the video. You're able to get a glimpse of things that you would otherwise not be able to see, isn't that awesome?

Have you ever been on a vacation and a seal pup decided to catch a ride on your boat, or better yet, to catch a ride on a huge marine mammal? Yeah, we neither, but we did get to see what it looked like for these people who witnessed one curious seal do exactly that!

Isn't this one of the most insane things you've seen out on the water? Out in the open ocean, you never know what you're going to see. While boating off the coast off Baja Peninsula in Mexico, these tourists got a big surprise after one sea lion decided to jump on board and catch a ride, onto whale's back! They found it incredibly funny and entertaining, and caught the entire thing on camera. What an awesome moment!

The curious aquatic mammal probably got tired of paddling its own boat so he decided to catch a ride on a whale's back. Watch how this nonchalant creature catches a piggyback ride and casually hops onto whale's back, just for fun! Whatever the original reason for this was, it sure made one hell of a clip, and really made these people’s vacation!

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