Seal catches a ride on the back of a whale!

WhaleOfATimePublished: November 8, 2015Updated: July 28, 20171,104,266 views
Published: November 8, 2015Updated: July 28, 2017

Boaters were watching a precious seal swimming around in the water, when something unexpected happened. A friendly whale emerged right under the seal and picked up the little fella on its back. Watch as a playful seal decides to go for a ride after jumping onto the back of a whale! He has a personal chauffeur! It's not everyday that you capture an interaction like that.

It's not every day that you get a glimpse into what's going on in the deep blue sea. Even if you travel a lot, you can't see it all. Thankfully cameras have become easily available to everyone, and with the beauty of the internet, with one click of a button the whole world can see the video. You're able to get a glimpse of things that you would otherwise not be able to see, isn't that awesome?

What would have you done if the seal jumped into your boar? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to visit for more awesome videos like this one. If you have any awesome clips, feel free to upload them as well!

Footage captured off the Baja Peninsula of Mexico during a recent whale watching tour. What an incredible sight!

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    sistrozzie · 40 weeks ago

    The seal is so lucky it wasn't an Orca since they kill and eat the seals.