Golden Retriever Gets Puppies For Christmas

Published December 8, 2018 3,345 Views $19.17 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPeople often lie to their kids about being on Santa’s nice list or naughty list if they misbehave. Well, dogs too can find themselves on these Santa’s files, and this doggy was 100 % on the nice list as he got the most amazing gifts for Christmas.

A Golden Retriever got two new puppies as an early Christmas, and he is so excited to meet them. This video was filmed on November 29, 2018, Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil and we find it super adorable.

Info from Licensor: "I have always watched countless Golden Retrievers videos. Many like that, from the first meeting. When my little puppies arrived, I did not think twice. I wanted to record the meeting because I could not imagine that my dog, Dom, would do that with the puppies."

Christmas should not be just for humans, we think that dogs should feel the joy of Christmas too. They deserve a lot of love and presents. Dom got the best Christmas present, and he deserves it. Wow! What a surprise. His reaction is priceless! This videos just melted our hearts!

Golden Retrievers are delighted and entertaining dogs, and their coat ranges from light blond to dark gold. They are intelligent, loving and well suited to be guiding dogs. Retrievers are patient and the most amazing dogs ever. Goldens are active, dependable, and anxious-to-please family pooches, and moderately simple to prepare.

They are cheerful, athletic, steady-tempered and so peaceful with other animals. They are genuinely Golden dogs with the perfect character. Typical Golden Retrievers are active, and fun-loving animals that will make your life full with love and excitement and they also are compatible with other dogs and cats so you can have more added to your animal family, which means even more love in your life!

Dogs can form friendships with other dogs, and those kind of bonds are priceless, you can’t put a tag on that kind of friendship! We can’t even imagine how much fun will have these doggies. Just image all the games they can play together, like war-of-tug, hide and seek, fetch, and they take naps together.

Imagine having three Golden Retrievers at home! Oh, the joy they will bring to you and your family. The bond that dogs can form with other dogs is often adorable and sincere. If you are lucky enough to have a dog, you know that a dog’s love is priceless and unconditional and there especially something about Golden Retrievers that puts a smile on everybody.

Even though they are lovable, beautiful and fun dogs, they also have a reputation of being of being the best babysitters, and they love babies! This exited Golden retriever meets a newborn and he absolutely loves this baby girl.

During this clip we get to meet two extraordinary souls, a baby and an older Golden Retriever named Birra. During the video, we get to see different moments where the dog and the baby get to meet, with the parents by the side and recording. Birra reacts when introduced to a two-day-old newborn baby girl, and she is responding so well.ppies."