Excited Golden Retriever Meets A Newborn Baby

Published October 16, 2018 129,351 Views $265.95 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsDuring this clip we get to meet two extraordinary souls, a baby and an older Golden Retriever named Birra. During the video we get to see different moments where the dog and the baby get to meet, with the parents by the side and recording. Birra reacts when introduced to a two-day-old newborn baby girl and she is reacting so well. We think that the mother instinct of this dog took over and that is why this clip is so adorable. It really feels like the dog is taking care of one of her puppies. Golden Retrievers are also really good dogs when it comes to company and are really helpful.

Everytime Birra is shown to the camera she has a huge smile on her face and her tail is moving really fast as she is so happy to be around the newborn. She is also very adorable because some type of dogs wouldn’t behave like that, they could get jealous and some don’t like kids in general. You can hear the owner telling her to calm down a little bit because the dog doesn’t realize its own strength but she only means well as she goes to cuddle and lick the newborn. What a heartwarming moment!

Another moment in the video has the mom of the family holding the baby while she is sitting down and the dog is right by her side. From that point of view, we can see that their apartment is big and that is really good for a dog that size. The second moment in the video shows how the dog is going to cuddle the baby, the baby starts to cry a little bit towards the end but it is nothing to be worried about. We think it was just a little uncomfortable next to such a big creature like the dog is for the baby. It is at that moment when the father of the family, (because we can recognize his stronger voice, yet we don’t see him on camera) tells the dog to take a step back, (in Spanish).

The dog didn’t mean wrong but we love to see how everything is under control and they can enjoy such little things as having the dog with the baby without any worries. The next moment, the baby seems to be a little older and has such a fascinated look. The dog is there as you would have guessed, licking the bottom of the baby’s feet. They are inside the apartment and the baby is in a baby chair and he seems to be glad about the situation, she looks happy and fascinated and the dog looks like he loves taking care of her younger sibling. The final seconds of the video show actually a picture of the whole family, the parents smiling at the camera, the baby is in the mother’s arm and the dog is lying between them, smiling at the camera as well! This family is so adorable and that picture got us melting because it is so cute!