Great Danes Play In Their UPS Halloween Costumes

Published October 26, 2018 1,336 Views $0.53 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHalloween is here and these dogs know it! See how happy these dogs are as they prepare for the Halloween party, these dogs are trying out their Halloween costume to get used to and feel comfortable, obviously, both dogs are excited because they can go out and order sweets with their Halloween costumes. Many dogs like celebrations, the truth is that usually on Halloween there are many happy people and children with whom dogs can play, but it is very likely that these two dogs are waiting for the exact time to eat candy.

Two Great Danes named Mikey and Ellie are preparing for the Halloween party, the first step that these dogs must take before going to the Halloween celebration is to make sure their costumes are good, it is important that they feel comfortable and safe. Ellie is quite calm and happy to have a good costume for Halloween, but it seems that Mikey does not like the idea of both wearing the same costume, since Mikey bites Ellie's costume several times. There can not be two equal costumes!

It is very likely that Mikey is not happy with the Halloween costume, the truth is that he is not happy with the hat he has to wear. Mikey goes away for a moment and tries to take off his hat, then walks away and starts to bite his hat, probably tries to show that he likes the costume but does not want to wear a hat. Maybe Mikey thinks the hats are for adults and he's still a young dog, or maybe he just wants a hat different from Ellie's.

The Great Dane dogs are dogs of great stature and elegant appearance, but they also have a big heart full of good feelings, it is proven that these dogs are sweet giants, since they are extremely affectionate and playful dogs. These dogs love to be with the family and share with their loved ones, they also get along very well with the children despite having a great height, in this case we can see that Mikey and Ellie are very happy with their costumes, which shows that they are dogs capable of feeling real emotions.

Halloween is one of the most important days, the truth is that decorations, toys and costumes are something that is present at all times. The most important thing about Halloween is that there is space for everyone, it does not necessarily have to be human to enjoy these celebrations, dogs can also wear costumes and eat sweets while enjoying a pleasant time with their owners.

We all have the right to enjoy celebrations and holidays, the truth is that we can all make Halloween a good day to celebrate and share with our loved ones. In this video we can see how Mikey and Ellie are preparing for Halloween, some hours are missing for the big day and these dogs are very happy because they know they can eat a lot of sweets. We should all enjoy Halloween, but Mikey does not want a new hat!