Great Danes Play With Halloween Costume After Opening Package

Published October 9, 2018 3,178 Views $0.24 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHalloween is near! See how these Great Dane dogs open a box to see the new Halloween costume they received. One of the dogs teaches the other dog the techniques to open the box without damaging what is inside, but after opening it, they receive a big surprise. It seems that these Great Dane dogs can go out to ask for sweets, since they can disguise themselves as giant spiders. These dogs are very happy with their new costume. We all have the right to laugh and enjoy!

Ellie the adult Great Dane, teaches Mikey the Great Dane puppy how to open a box to extract what is inside. Mikey observes all the movements of Ellie to learn the techniques used to open the package. Mikey is so smart that he expects Ellie to do the hard work and only worries about seeing what's inside the box. After opening the box, Ellie and Mikey notice that it is a kind of disguise, so they get very happy and start running around the place as they rush to remove the cover of the disguise. Later, Ellie moves away to remove the cover of the disguise without Mikey interposing, but Mikey is very happy and eager to see what costume is hidden behind the cover. So, Mikey runs to Ellie's spot and helps her remove the cover. Finally, Ellie and Mikey manage to remove all the cover to the costume and are very happy to see that it is a spider, so they start to run like crazy all over the place. This year we will see giant spiders asking for candy!

Halloween is one of the most popular and remembered days of today, as many people love to witness and apply the decorations corresponding to the date. Costumes are something that is often seen on Halloween, there are many children waiting for the day to put on a costume with their favorite character. Some people also tend to disguise the pets of the house, thinking that dogs are part of the family and, therefore, they should enjoy the spirit of the holiday, too.

The Great Danes are very intelligent and obedient dogs, they are characterized mainly by their great stature and their elegant appearance. These dogs, despite being large, are very obedient and always follow the instructions of their owners, they are dogs that get along very well with the family and can get along with other pets. Like all dogs, Great Danes are able to feel emotions of intrigue and satisfaction, so in this case we can see how excited Ellie and Mikey are when they see their new costume. Both are able to open a box!

The dogs can open a box without damaging what is inside, so it is important to let them learn to open their own packages - in this way they become smarter and able to solve problems on their own. In this case, we can see how Ellie and Mikey study the correct techniques to open a package. It is possible that this year we see giant spiders running through the park, thanks to Ellie and Mikey’s new costume. They also love Halloween!