Wrestling Dogs Make Owner's Workout Hilariously Difficult

5 years ago

During today’s clip we have the pleasure to see two cute dogs having a blast playing together. The only awkward thing is the place they decided to get friendly and play catch. Their owner was doing her workout on what we could call a balcony, because it seems to be outside and there’s a barrier on the right side of the screen. The camera is placed right in front of the woman doing the workout in order for us to be able to see what’s going on with this trio.. She also put a blanket on the floor as she probably will be exercising for a little while.

The owner of these dogs was doing the plank exercise as the dogs came to fight. She started the recording after the dogs started to fight but nevertheless she stayed still and did not even flinch once. She is smiling at the start of the video, probably she started smiling when she realised that she will have to exercise with them between her legs. She decided to go with it and continue to record the scene. It is an amusing video to see. We would like to highlight that she is really strong, not only she can do this exercise quite well but at the same time she is being tickled and pushed by the two dogs.

One of the dogs is a husky and he seems to be pushing her quite a lot during the clip. The dog didn’t mean it in a bad way of course, he just shares a playful moment with the second dog owned by this woman. She is strong enough not to move or fall down on her stomach during the plank exercise, considering the fact that the husky is pushing her, we think it’s worth mentioning since this exercise is not an easy to make.

The last difficulty she could have been facing is the smaller dog that hides from the husky, under her stomach. As she is doing a plank, the other little dog, that seems to be a pug, went under his owner to be away from the grip of the husky. The woman is wearing a crop top and you can only imagine the feeling of a short haired pug moving frantically under your belly. It would tickle us quite a lot! For those two additional factors this morning workout routine must be challenging, we can only imagine what other exercise she did while the dogs made it harder for her.

Having your pets around you while doing your daily exercise can be really beneficial for you and for the pets, too. Just like humans, they need exercise, and like we mentioned above, this video was probably recorded on a balcony, even if the space is limited there’s always a way to get to exercise a little. No matter the size or the age of the dogs, we are glad to see two dogs like these in the clip being friendly with each other and sympathizing with their owner, a bond that can be created during an activity such as this one is really important and healthy.

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