Dogs Practice Yoga With Owner And Help Him Stay Fit

Published May 10, 2015 4,949 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDog lovers often teach their dogs to obey simple commands like sit, stay and fetch, but these two dogs have been taught how to exercise. This owner needed motivation to stay fit, so he decided to invite his dogs to join in. Border Collies Holly and Ace join alongside their owner for some evening yoga exercises. Ace perfects a handstand while Holly does some hind leg sitting. Great job!

Their owner does the yoga handstand and Ace immediately follows his owner’s footsteps and manages to balance his weight on his front feet, by raising its bottom and back legs in the air! Talk about circus dog! He has well-mastered the handstand and knows how to keep good balance as well. He stays in this position for as long as his owner keeps the handstand position against the wall! Amazing!

During the exercise, Holly is standing on a chair, with its front legs raised and her body balanced, looking down at her owner and Ace, as they perform their handstand. This exercising trio is working in perfect harmony! There is nothing as lovely as this kind of bonding between owner and dog.

Watch as the owner bonds with his pups in the most adorable way. Taking exercise is already boring as it is. However, this dog lover found a very creative way to make exercising fun, just by having the right company. This guy performs his regular work out while his pups join him in a heartbeat. Not only that but they show off their amazing skills, they also encourage their owner to get even more fit. If anyone is lacking in spirit to start their workout this might be the great idea There is no way you will be feeling lazy with great company and friendship! Keep up the good work!

Credit to 'Positivedogcare'.