Great Dane Puppy Makes Epic Facial Expressions

Published October 25, 2018 14,526 Plays $9.15 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are very expressive. They can express joy, sorrow, excitement, anxiety. You just name an emotion and probably your dog could express that too. They have feelings like humans and they want to share it with us. They treat us as their family and love us with all their heart, sharing their joy, excitement, annoyance, anger and love. Yes, most importantly love.

This video is just an example of that. The dog that is featured in the clip is none other than our favorite, Great Dane. He is kind of excited about something and is fully trying to express it to the owner. The dog is called Hennessey and he is so happy to have found his owner. The most amusing part of this clip is their location. The owner is in the bathtub trying to take a relaxing shower when the dog finds him and starts getting all jumpy. The moment is so cute than the owner couldn’t help but record it on his camera. Now, what the owner was doing in bathtub, with running water and a camera is a great mystery.

We kind of have a theory that goes with this story. The dog is probably used to taking showers with the owner. Since the weather these days is so erratic, a nice relaxing warm water shower is their favorite. The owner and the dog both love to do it together and it is kind of their thing. But when the owner disappears into the shower, this dog roams around looking for his master and gets super excited when he sees him in the bathtub. He is probably experiencing mixed feelings, hence the weird display of emotions. The dog wishes to be invited inside the bathtub so that he can join his master for a bath, but on the other hand he is disappointed because the master went inside the bathtub without the dog.

But there is another theory on this one. The man inside the shower already had a camera on him, which means the dog’s jumpy behavior was suspected and it was a test for the dog. Meaning, every time the owner enters the bathtub without the Great Dane, the dog gets anxious and this little attempt was to record the amusing reaction live. We would say that the master has successfully lead the dog to believe that he is going to take a nice, warm, relaxing shower all by himself. Making the whole situation kind of funny.

Dogs like routines and this bathing routine must have become Dane’s favorite. We really hope that the owner takes his dog inside the shower after shooting the video. The reaction that the dog has produces here, is a clear indication that he wants to get in the tub, too. Do you guys think the dog finally got a shot at bathing with his master that day? Let us know in the comment section below and maybe if we are lucky, a new video will be posted showing us how the dog bathes. Share this to make someone’s day!