Mischievous Dog Turns On Cold Tap During Owner's Bath

Published October 10, 2018 2,209 Plays

Rumble Watch this funny video where this dog named Gunner goes to the bathroom to interrupt the pacific bath of his owner, who is taking a warm shower. The naughty puppy approaches with the bad intention of opening the cold water tap to his owner, who is totally relaxed, but cannot simply take a warm water bath when he has a very naughty dog at home. Hilarious!

We don't know if the dog is very upset with his owner and he just wants to get revenge in some way. We can notice that funny face he makes when he opens the tap in the middle, as if to say “I'll open it more!” and ends up opening the tap completely, so that the bathtub is filled with cold water. Its owner grabs her phone to record the naughty Gunner. After he had already opened the tap several times, even though she closed it, he opened it again. Gunner managed to be captured by the camera, and it was too late when he decided to leave and stop bothering his owner, as it was already recorded how tremendously naughty he is.

With his face innocent and those tender eyes, he leaves aside the mischief and allows his owner to continue bathing. No one can bother with Gunner, he has the ability to put that cute face when he makes a mischief, which makes his plans come out perfect. He's too adorable to be angry with, and his owner laughs at him, because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t? If he's a very intelligent pet, we know he's very noble too because his face says it all. How tender!

Our pets are usually very observant and pay a lot of attention to what we do, and we suppose that Gunner has noticed that their owners hate cold water, he took the task of learning to open the faucets to do his funny tricks. Although he feels like the cruelest dog in the world, what he does provoke is joy and laughter in those who have the opportunity to be the victim of this adorable little unruly dog.

We love to see such close relationships between pets and their owners. Gunner has the confidence to go into the bathroom even though his owner is bathing, maybe he's just rushing her and wants her to finish quickly to play. The truth is that this dog does not reflect any kind of aggressiveness, he just wants to have fun and make his owner laugh with his witticisms.

What did you think of the video? Would you forgive Gunner for doing this to you? We're sure that yes! because he's so adorable... If you have an opinion about this video, let us know in the comments below. Surely the beautiful Gunner has also captivated you with his funny pranks and has brought out you a big smile.

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