Labrador Plays Hockey On A Frozen Lake

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAll over the globe, there are hundreds of thousands of dot lovers who are raising their own adorable pet dogs. Are you one of those individuals? If not, then have you considered having your own dog? If you have, then make sure to consider a number of things before choosing a certain dog breed.

To give you some hints, a number of people out there prefer to raise a Labrador dog breed. Why do you think is the reason for this? Well, one sure reason is the fact that Labrador is an adorable and a very loyal pet dog. In many countries, Labrador is being called Labrador Retriever. Some are comparing this particular dog breed to the K9 or the German Shepherd. It is simply because just like K9, Labrador can be used in a number of police-related jobs such as detecting bombs. If you are thinking that it can only be done by a K9, then think again.

As a matter of fact, great percentage of individuals worldwide are using Labrador in a number of medical therapy sessions. Of course, it is all because of the fact that this dog is an extremely therapeutic one. Furthermore, such breed of dog is also of great help when it comes to disability assistance. So far, there are a lot of blind people in the entire world who find great assistance from this dog. This dog is capable enough in guiding those who do not have the capability to see. What is even best about it is that it can help a lot those people who have autism, too.

Here is a great video that can help you decide getting your own Labrador dog. From what you can see, this amazing and adorable Labrador Retriever is playing the famous sport known as hockey. He is playing together with his master. You can clearly see in this video that the dog is very happy doing such a thing. There are even no signs that this dog is freezing cold in spite of the chilly weather and thick ice on which he is running. The icy playground is used to be the lake near the house of the Labrador and his master. Watching the video will certainly make you love this dog more.

In case you are one of those sports-minded people out there who love playing hockey, then you can now have a great companion in playing such a sport. Playing hockey is definitely boring if you are playing it alone. There is no question about that. However, you do not need to be alone these days as far as playing this sport is concerned since a very cute and adorable Labrador can be your amazing playing partner. In case you are not a hockey fan, then there is no need to worry since this pet dog is not only excellent in hockey but also in some other sports.

If you are captivated by the cuteness of this Labrador while playing hockey with his owner, please do not forget to share this video. In this way, other people will also have the chance to enjoyably watch this footage.


  • bluedaisy, 1 year ago

    he is really just running after his owner .

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  • Chutchison, 1 year ago

    How stupid to send your dog into freezing cold water in the winter. Hope he doesn’t get pneumonia.

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  • mertsv, 1 year ago

    It's good that his paws do not slip!

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