Breakdancing Dog Shows Off Its Moves

Published October 24, 2018 34,407 Plays $29.35 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen a dog doing breakdance before? The following video will surprise you when you see the funny movements of this puppy that it spins so fast that it will make you dizzy. She’s the main actor in this video and we can only say, "Hooray! This guy's got an outstanding talent”!

The trendy styles attract everyone's attention, even more so if it's a dog performing the best breakdance style. This dog squanders style in every movement. We can see how this charismatic puppy dances to the rhythm of urban music and sliding down the floor is the best thing she knows how to do. Just turn on the music for this good dancer to pour all her talent on the dance floor. Hilarious!

This little dog named Izzy has learned to dance breakdance, and she likes to do it while the music plays, making the people who see her enchanted with such an adorable canine dance. The visitors pretend they're going to have tea and chat with the owner, but in reality they're going to have such a delight watching the dog entertain them with her urban dances, at least that's what she thinks. Izzy likes to have all eyes on her since she radiates an incredible energy. It can be noticed that this little one is very playful and she learns very quickly what her owner intends to teach her. She is a very intelligent pet and full of life, isn't she?

Who wouldn't want this puppy to help them to polish the floor with such a coat? She has a shiny and straight coat that makes her look so beautiful while she demonstrates her moves. She is willing to dance as many times as it takes for her owner to give her a reward for being a good girl. Our pets have that ability to imitate us, but in a very funny way. They are so innocent that they don't even notice how much fun it is to see them so happy. Our puppies bring joy to our home and can cheer anyone in a matter of seconds, which is why they are called "man's best friend". At any hour of the day, they have this huge smile on their faces and a wet tongue hanging down, always ready to play.

They say dogs see in black and white, but they make our lives colorful. This puppy's dancing joy is something we like to see. The thrill of her owner to see that that puppy he raised since she was a baby, now learns new tricks, that makes him feel very proud. Loving our pets so much is often compared to the feelings we have for our own children, and we are always protective towards them. We are worried about their well-being, and we're glad they learn new things every day.

Would you bring this funny dog out to dance? Of course! She dances amazingly, she's such a cute mascot. If you have any opinion about this hilarious dance, write to us in the comment section below. Share this video with your friends so they can laugh out loud, too at this eloquent puppy. Maybe that will be the funniest thing they will see today. Enjoy it!