Little Dog Dances To Owner's Kitchen Guitar Playing

AFVPublished: March 27, 2018
Published: March 27, 2018

Music might be the one thing that binds all people, and even many animals, together. Even those who claim to hate music do respond to it.

When this man sat down to play guitar in his kitchen, his little dog joined him…

There have not been many studies done on whether or not dogs are actually responding to music in aesthetic sense. There are millions of anecdotes though. One famous one is that the composer Sir Edward William Elgar, who wrote Pomp and Circumstance, used a friend’s dog during rehearsals because the dog would growl at choral singers who sang out of tune. Richard Wagner who wrote The Ring Cycle supposedly created a musical device called the musical motif by watching how his dog reacted to his compositions. One study that was done at an animal shelter exposed dogs to different kinds of music. Pop music did nothing for them, while heavy metal caused the dogs to start barking and bouncing around. Kind of like people.

We did NOT expect the little dog to respond like THIS to his owner’s playing!

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