Dog Uses Baby's Kicking Feet For A Personal Back Rub

Published October 24, 2018 40,123 Plays $26.03 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhen people jump on the Internet and start searching for videos, they usually end up going down a rabbit hole of related and recommended videos. Many of the popular videos online often deal with babies and pets. These two specifically create so many memorable moments. They can be cute, funny, sad, and even heartwarming. Most people love a nice baby video or a cute puppy video. They offer so many emotions in the videos!

Pets and babies are seen as little innocent beings, so it is always great to see videos with them. Sometimes, these two internet titans often collide to provide an overload of cuteness. Whenever a baby interacts with a good pet, the moment is always priceless! This duo offers some very cute moments and the duo strats are a good-hearted dog and a cute baby. It often happens to come across videos of dogs meeting a new baby, and it is always so nice how the dog reacts to the new baby. They get excited in the same way as when they get a little brother or sister. This video features two buddies, a dog and a baby, just hanging out and having fun!

The dog in this video is pretty smart! Dogs love scratches and since they can’t directly ask someone for scratches, they have to improvise. They want a good back scratching any time of the day and they go wild for a good scratch or a rub. This dog probably doesn’t have any humans around willing to scratch him so he has to take matters into his own hands. There is his little baby friend around that might be able to help! As a baby is learning to crawl, it often lays down on its stomach and kicks its feet and flails its arms around. The dog must have taken notice of the child’s movements because he has an idea! With no one around to give scratches and rubs, the dog decides to use the baby learning to crawl to his benefit. He lies down directly next to the child’s flailing feet and lets the learning baby rub its back!

This is a very smart move by the dog! Not only is the baby learning, but the dog is getting his rubs, too! This is a win-win situation for both of them. You can see Zuma, the dog, moving his head and back according to the kicks of the baby boy! Zuma looks to be in heaven with his back massage. These are two very funny friends and the baby boy probably doesn’t mind either! Zuma and the boy’s parents must have seen this a so many times before and it must be a common occurrence for the two. Zuma seems to be very comfortable with the back rubs and the crawling routine of the baby. This video is just another reason why videos with babies and pets are so cute. Seeing two innocent creatures coexist and befriend each other is so wholesome! Hopefully once the baby boy begins to walk, Zuma will be able to find another way to get his back massages again!