"Baby Boy Laughs When He Touches A Dog’s Ear"

Published April 11, 2018 460 Plays

Rumble "Everyone who has both child and a dog knows that these two (or in some cases more) are absolutely the best friend ever! Their mutual love is endless and never stops to amazes us! Just check out this video and see it for yourself! This video shows an adorable baby boy who is sitting on the floor with his best furry four-legged friend. It's a beautiful Dalmatian dog who is sitting still right next to the baby like a real guardian dog. The baby laughs and tries to grab the dog’s ear and each time he reaches for the ear, he laughs out loud! LOL! Just look how cute these two are! I bet that whatever this cute boy tries to do to this amazing dog will go for it, as long as it makes his baby friend happy and satisfied! I can only wish I had such beautiful dog when I was a baby!"