Super Affectionate Cow Gives A Woman Kisses

Published October 23, 2018 1,559 Plays $2.54 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsYou don’t know how gentle and loving a cow can be until you get this close to one. They really are gentle souls. We usually see them from a roadside, plugged into the earth like some kind of gigantic grass eating vacuum cleaner. Try hand-feeding one an apple through the fence, and they will carefully take it from your hand, all the while looking at you.

The cow kiss can be a little sloppy, but at least it’s sincere. Their giant, slippery tongues reach out to give you a smooch on the cheek, and they may be slightly startled when you give a peck on the snout in return. The cow has a lot of eating to do during the day, interspersed by periods of napping. But it can afford a minute or two of love with its human caretakers.

The cow pretty much wants two things: grass and love. For as big as a cow is, it is also one of the simplest of creatures on this green earth. Unlike dogs, they don’t go out of their way to impress their owner with tricks and excessive demonstrations of affection. To the cow, love is a given commodity in the contract with humans. It is doubtful they dread the final outcome that the male of their species face. They just live for the moment. In the rain, they will huddle together under the dubious shelter of a tree. In the sun, they graze lazily like the vegetarians they are. We don’t know much about what goes on in that massively bony head while they eat. Are they in continuous daydream mode? The cow does have a big heart, however, and if the size of the heart truly is tied to the depth of one’s emotion, then the cow must be one of the most deeply emotional animals.

It’s obvious this farm girl is more than casually attached to the brown cow she’s loving over. The two appear to know each other well. The heifer just won’t leave her alone, and the bars of the fence are just two small to do justice to the amount of affection she wants to give. It’s all she can do to give the lady the kissing due her. The heifer can’t stand to be without her lady. Their time together is short, “C’mon lady, we don’t have all day!”

Others of the herd seem to be patiently waiting for their turn, but is this brown cow special to the young woman? It looks to be the case. You could accuse her of favoritism, and it might matter to other animals, but the cows seem to take it in stride. From what we see here, cows are not particularly jealous creatures. The scene almost makes you want to own a cow, but let’s be reasonable, most people can’t own a pet cow. Fortunately we can visit a petting zoo, where we might find baby farm animals on which we can test our capacity for affection.