Cute Cow Loves How A Mechanical Brush Functions

StoryfulPublished: November 20, 201717,862 views
Published: November 20, 2017

You’re not the only one who craves a soothing body rub every now and then. Animals also find a very relaxing and even therapeutic. Let’s be honest, the only thing worth about a workout is the massage we get afterwards. It’s that simple. The delayed gratification spurs us on when the last thing we want to do is lift weights or run on that treadmill. The relaxing feeling we get when we have our muscles unwinding one knot at a time can hardly be compared to anything else. The warmth of blood rushing towards our skin and the delightful tingles we get can only be trumped by the absolute calmness we feel when our mind shuts down and goes to la la land.

It seems like this lady is in the same predicament as us. After a day of hard work at the farm, this adorable cow can’t wait to get herself under the new mechanical brushes her owner set for her. And just look at her smile while doing it! The look of absolute bliss is so endearing, we just want to watch her do it again and again.

Rolina the dairy cow lives on a farm in Habsburg Switzerland and loves nothing more than brushing her coat. When owner Marina Boller installed a cow brush at Hof Habsburg farm she could not have predicted Rolina’s reaction to it. Speaking to Storyful Marina explained “She always uses it very heavily, so you can hear her even at night when she goes out for a brush”. The cow has that hypnotic look in the eyes like “hey, don’t stop, that’s really good, I want more”. At this state, her whole body suggests that she feels totally relaxed and she enjoys the session beyond any words. Massaging the ears and ear flaps unwind and invigorate her entire body.

If you thought that only adults can reap the full benefits of a massage and make you go in a state of trance because they feel totally relaxing, then this video will prove you wrong. Cows are fond of massaging as much as we adults are. Just look at this cow - she is enjoying being massaged by the new mechanical brush on her back and her face and looks like she is even shying a smile. How adorable is that? Isn’t she the sweetest thing you have seen lately on the Internet?

It looks like her body “ebbs and flows” under the hands of this brush, and her face is telling a story of how every cow should be given this treatment, too. If she could speak, we are sure that she would bless and praise the beneficial effects of the massage. Sometimes words are not needed because the picture is worth a thousand words, and one look at this sweet animal will tell you everything you need to know about her state and the moment is precious. In the world of modern technology, we are lucky that everything is just a click away and that means that we are always able to catch the most precious moments on camera.

Credit: Hof Habsburg via Storyful

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