Couple Exchange Vows At A Marathon A Year After Hit And Run Accident

SWNSPublished: October 23, 2018
Published: October 23, 2018

How sweet! This couple shocked everyone when they exchanged vows in the middle of a marathon. This couple stopped running to get married!

Whitney and Scott Phillips were at the 13 mile-mark of their marathon when they stopped to tie the knot. No, not of their shoelaces that may have come undone. They had pre-arranged their wedding ceremony to occur at that moment in front of 12 of their special quests and hundreds of spectators.

This was a very special moment for the couple as Whitney, the bride, was about to finish her first marathon race after being seriously injured in a car accident, hit and run, just one year earlier.

You could really say this couple went the extra mile as they got hitched half way through the race.

For some, this may be the perfect representation of their relationship. As we move forward into the future, religious annotation regarding weddings seem to becoming less and less popular. Not only is a church not always involved, but some choose to get a friend or family member ordained to be their priest.

For this couple, the running of this race represented many obstacles overcome by the bride, Whitney Black, now Whitney Phillips. In the future, they may find themselves referring to this moment over and over with great reverence because of the representation it means for them both in their relationship.

You can tell the way the man feels about her as Scott gazes so lovingly and proud at his new wife. The day usually revolves around the bride instead of the groom, but in this case, it seems to spark true love in the groom's heart and eyes. Again, we are witnessing a truly special moment shared between this bride and groom and in this case they found a way to make the day extra outstanding to represent her strength and residency. Aspects that also make a healthy bond in a strong marriage. There are so many ways to make your big day special and unique, this is only one of them.

At the very least, it's a great story to tell the kids one day! We wonder if they themselves will grow up to be marathon runners? Perhaps, because the couple has chosen to represent themselves in such a strategic manner, their choice will become a tradition in their family. Perhaps, future sons and daughters will get hitched during a marathon race. Or something that truly represents their strength and motivation to move forward. We think it is a beautiful way to make the day special without all the fuss of decorations and a reception etc. For this couple, as soon as they got married, they went on to continue the race!

We wonder if someone in the crowd watching is thinking "What a great idea!" or the exact opposite... "I'd never do that." We are all so unique it is time to break the typical wedding ceremonies and continue to do what feels right to the two individuals as a couple. What they feel represents their love the most. In this case, it is a beautiful ceremony.

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