Golden Retriever Loves Getting Dragged Across The Floor

Published October 16, 2018 5,827 Views $6.03 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLook how much fun this super lazy dog has when dragged across the floor, you probably never know if this dog is really lazy or just wants to be the center of attention. It is quite common to find lazy dogs, and it is also very common to find dogs that like to play with their owners, we think that in this case you should judge it yourself. This is really fun!

A Golden Retriever dog is dragged along the ground, this dog really seems to like the idea of being dragged across the floor of the whole house, maybe the dog does not feel like walking and needs to go elsewhere. At first, the dog holds the rope that his owner has in his hands and does not seem to want to let go, for that reason the owner of the dog walks slowly around the room to know what the dog's reaction is when it is dragged. Later, the owner goes to the door to leave the room, but the dog still refuses to release the rope. In fact, the dog is quite happy as it sometimes moves the tail out of pure joy, it is probably happy to play with its owner. Finally, when the owner is very close to leaving the room, the dog decides it is time to get up and avoids being dragged across the floor. It is very likely that in the end the dog just tries to keep his owner happy.

Each family has a different way of educating and playing with their dogs, but probably everyone is happy to see that their dogs are happy and owners know they can have a friend they can always count on. It is proven that when a dog is happy, it will ensure that everyone in the house is well, even some people say that dogs know what is the perfect time to brighten their owners' day after a long day of work. We all need a pet to make our day happy!

The Golden Retrievers are dogs that are characterized by being elegant and have a friendly attitude, and are always willing to work or play with their owners. The Golden Retrievers have better health compared to other dogs which make them reliable dogs to let them stay all day at home and even play with children present in the house. It is proven that these dogs have enough energy and joy that allows them to perform several activities during the day, but it seems that the dog in this video does not like being active today, since he likes to be lazy.

When people take the time to play with dogs, they make the whole environment happy and full of positive energy. Having a house full of positive energy guarantees you a less complicated day and the mind works better, too. In the video we can see how important it is to take the time to play with our dogs, if they are happy, we will also be happy. Maybe this dog is very smart or very lazy!