Lazy Dog Tired Of Swimming Hitches A Ride On Buddy’s Back

Published January 27, 2018 13,133 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA heartwarming video has emerged featuring two Golden Retrievers swimming in open waters, until one of them gets a little tired and lazy and decides to hitch a ride on his buddy’s back.

Dogs would do anything for their owners and friends, including being fiercely loyal, rescuing people and other animals from danger, and in this case, even giving them a piggyback ride across the water!

When two adorable Golden Retriever pups went for a swim, one of them wasn’t sure of its ability to stay afloat, or maybe he got tired of pedalling, so he decided to climb onto his buddy’s back and asked for a lift to shore.

Footage shows the adorable moment when a lazy dog decides to go surfing on other dog’s back while the other guy is paddling his way through the water. Fortunately, both of the canines are wearing swim belts, so that the dog that is paddling for two is able to carry the load of the other dog and doesn’t drown in the process and is not submerged under water by the excessive weight.

Watching this inconsiderate dog hopping on other dog’s back and hitching a ride reminded us that it is always good to have a friend you can rely on when you don’t want to keep swimming. But make sure that your buddy is a good swimmer before you hitch yourself a ride across waters. Then, carefully climb on his or her back and enjoy the wet ride!