Guilty Dog Hilariously Caught Sleeping In The Bathtub

Published October 16, 2018 1,975 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs love to chill, like a beach-day chill and when it’s summer they can’t seem to get enough of having a relaxed day chilling by the pool. Sometimes they even like to claim the bathtub for a while and lay down right there. What? You don’t believe it?! Check out this pampered dog.

The video begins with the camera pointing at the bathroom curtains making us wonder what is going on. And suddenly the person shooting the video opens the curtains to reveal a happy dog trying to chill in the bathtub and the video has left us wondering what made the dog decide to chill out in the bathtub. (Must have been during the summer months)

Well this is kind of a funny video because it might look like the person trying to shoot the video is hoping to get a chilling bathtub experience but ends up finding out that his dog has claimed the spot first and it looks like the dog is not about to give up on it. We can’t blame him. Who doesn’t like to chill in a beautiful white bathtub. That’s right it’s a large white bathtub and it is a little too big for the dog but what does he care? He just wants a place to chill out at.

Our guess is, they don’t have a pool or their pool is out of order for maintenance purpose because it is kind of unusual to see a dog to choose a spot like that! A bathtub! But then what do I know about dogs these days.

Especially the ones that are really pampered like this dog. He thinks he’s absolutely entitled like he belongs in the bathtub and it is his right to use it. There is no way he is going to let the owner have it. We feel a little bad for the owner because it looks like he genuinely wants to take a shower or soak in a bath.

All right! Maybe we are plain crazy or something but we think, given the size of the bathtub it is a great idea to share it. Both parties will end up having a great time together. The dog won’t have to get up and the person trying to get inside the bathtub won’t have to give up on his summertime bathtub cravings. But what if the dog is possessive? What if he doesn’t like sharing what he thinks is his? We don’t blame him because we wouldn’t want to share the luxury of a spacious bathtub just like that either!

Do you guys think the dog will eventually give up and let the person behind the camera enter in the bathtub? We wonder how long the dog is planning on spending his time in the tub because it might get a little boring after a while. Maybe his owner can bring in some dog treats and he can enjoy while chilling in the bathtub. Share it to spread this dog’s love for bathtubs!