Brave Pooch Overcomes Difficult Balloon Obstacle

Published September 7, 2018 545 Views $2.26 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhat happens when the love your feel for your owner beats your extreme globophobia? A funny video is made! Check out the hilarious moment when one cute pooch overcomes her fear of balloons just to obey owner's will and respond to a command! Simply adorable!

In this heartwarming clip, we see five-year-old Kiara, a mixed tiny pooch with extreme fear of balloons and vacuum cleaners, overcoming one of her greatest fears only to be reunited with owner.

When footage starts, we see a room full of balloons, and we hear owner's voice gently calling on pooch's name 'Kiara, come here'. Moments later, a tiny head peeks through the door crack and slowly enters the room. Judging by the confused expression on pup's face, we can assume that this fluffy ball of fur is afraid of the balloon lava that exploded in owner's bedroom! She must be thinking "What in the world is this junk doing here?"

Hesitant and afraid, the adorable canine stares directly at the camera, as if she is begging for help. Her small marble eyes are glowing as she stands still, not moving a muscle, waiting for owner to pave her way of freedom. You can easily confuse her with a wax figure from the canine collection of Madame Tussauds museum because she froze the moment she saw all those balloons lying around. Cuteness overload!

Even though her mild confusion and unexplained fear fill the room with anticipation, her divine fur and keen eyes make her the real diva of the night! She is trying to ignore the loud-when-popping objects lying on the floor, and maintains a strong eye-contact with owner the entire time. Tension is rising!

The second time owner calls her name, she loses her cool and accidentally touches one of the nearby balloons. Panicking, Kiara is urged to draw back and sit down. All we want to do now is to hug her and to tell her that everything is going to be fine. Owner assures her that she is safe, stressing "it is only balloons, it is not lava". "Don't be afraid, just jump!", owner continues to encourage the scared pooch.

Now, Kiara sits tight in one spot and calculates her next move with the scary balloons, as if she is playing the minesweeper game with hidden bombs, planning in detail where to strike next. When she finally makes up her mind, she starts moving confidently towards owner, bravely breaking through the balloon barrier.

One jump later, Kiara comes off victorious to greet the owner, wagging her happy tail like a trophy! Cuteness overload! Boy, she really loves her owner and is willing to overcome every obstacle and fear that may come between them. That is what we call the true definition of best friend! Her heart is pure and innocent, that is why she is so fearful and hesitant with new things and around new people! How adorable is this beauty! Owner is lucky to have her in her life!

With their ability to show unconditional love, dogs are truly man's best friend! Do you also have a four-legged best friend that would go a distance for you?

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