Super Friendly Wild Deer Lets Kids Pat It

Published October 10, 2018 66,219 Views $9.73 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThe rustling of the leaves on this fall day ending up in an adventure for the mom and her kids. Approaching a deer can be extremely dangerous. Deer are known to be very unpredictable. They are beautiful animals but this family certainly took a risk getting this close to a wild animal. This four point deer is much older and should be a lot more nervous around people than he appears to be. What a beautiful animal he is!

He seems to be a part of the family rather than a distant animal in the woods that surely fears for his life. One would wonder if he was lost or if he is just so calm in his surroundings. He prances around like he knows the place. Is he trying to be friendly or trying to get food? This deer apparently likes small children because they are able to walk right up to him. To pat a deer would be unthought of for most kids. Most kids find themselves with parents that hunt deer rather than make friends with them.

The edge of this yard is perfect for the deer to visit each day as he clearly is not afraid of humans. Most deer run away from humans because of the unfamiliar scent. The scent of humans is not what they are used in the wild. Surprisingly enough, companies make money on products that smell more like the scents that deer would experience in the woods.

This mom is cautious with her child running and rightfully so. Deer are known to be startled by the slightest noise and become nervous at the smallest of movements which make them up. Sometimes they run toward the noise or the movement rather than away.

This deer is beautiful to see living in his own habitat rather than a zoo which is where these kids would typically see such an animal up close. The mom asked the deer if he wants to be a pet reindeer as this concept is not unheard of for people to do, it is not safe or healthy for the animal. After the mom has mentioned a pet, the little girl exclaims that he can be a pet. You can notice the possible concern in the mom’s voice about her daughter getting closer to the deer’s tail. Mom insists that her child move slower as not to startle the deer and get hurt.

The little girl jumps on the bike right in front of the deer. She will surely remember her close encounter with this beautiful animal. Mom says that the little girl is rough with animals but we all know she is probably trying to hug the deer. Her little brother is a little protective of the deer and tells his sister she is scaring him. As all moms do, she insists on getting some apples for the cute little deer that has added a level of surprise to her and her children. Meanwhile the deer is prancing onto his life before meeting this wonderful family.