Wild Deer Enjoy Storytelling In The Forest

Published September 17, 2017 12,015 Views $13.94 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThere is a protected forest in Northern Ontario where a herd of wild deer are protected and are safe to wander freely, without being in danger from hunters. Even predators are scarce there. If you wander in the woods you will almost definitely see wild deer roaming and foraging for food. If you sit quietly for long enough, the deer might even wander over to look curiously at you as they graze and explore.

This animal lover was curious to see how the deer would react if he read them a story and there seemed to be nothing more appropriate than reading "Bambi" to them. Although nervous about being so close to a person, the deer were sure curious about the book. They moved closer to get a better look and seemed mesmerized by what was being read to them. What was very unusual is that the fawns were comfortable enough to also come close to the storyteller. These fawns are so young that they still have their spots on. Fawns usually hide in the grass or behind trees, closely watching their mother from a distance.

At one point even a large buck with antlers wanders close enough to hear the tale of Bambi.
Judging by their reaction, these deer most certainly enjoy storytelling.