Golden Retriever Thinks Vet's Office Is A Playground

Published October 6, 2018 425,458 Views

This beautiful Golden Retriever shows us that health comes first. You've never seen a dog so happy to go to the vet, this dog runs all over the waiting room as if it is a big playground. This puppy has his best running shoes on. Hilarious!

Most puppies don't like the idea of going to the vet, but this puppy is something special. It's inevitable that people won't feel his cheerful presence while he's running around very quickly. He likes to explore every corner of the place where he will be cared for and make sure that he is in optimal health, so that he can continue to play as the happiest dog in the world.

The puppy brings with him some red shoes that do not bother him at all when running, he takes his own rope and gives himself a self-tour around the place. No one can stop our friend Retriever, he runs so fast from one place to another, and when he seems to decide to come in to be attended, he runs down the aisle like a mad dog of happiness. The puppy repeatedly amuses the vet, running around her with a mischievous smile as he scurries through the waiting room.

There's nothing more cheerful about life than seeing our puppy happy and running freely, in a place where he feels safe. Although the place is not the most suitable for running, this says a lot about thisRetriever, which is quite playful and hyperactive. One thing that fascinates us in pets is that they are happy and full of energy, that energy with which they recharge our joy and fill our hearts with tenderness.

Even though this puppy runs like a crazy goat, he has the courage to smile and be happy, when he is possibly seconds away from being injected by the vet; maybe he knows it, and he loves it, it can be his way of reacting to nervousness. In short, he loves to be healthy and entertain his owners, even if it means a bit of public shame for not being able to control the madness of his canine, very funny!

After running all over the place, and being on the verge of losing patience to the vet and all the people, the puppy calms down and is no longer so excited to be there. It seems like it's customary to see this Retriever frequenting the vet, and everyone knows how happy he is when he goes to visit them. We hope you'll be back soon!.The affection he gets at the place is perhaps the reason he feels so good being there, and that's excellent.

We hope this puppy has made your day as happy as the people who were there. His happiness is contagious and shows the other pets that after all it's not so bad to visit the vet, because there all pets are loved and are the priority of the place.

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