Dog Realizes She's At The Vet, Makes Saddest Face Imaginable

karlleechPublished: December 5, 2017101,755 views
Published: December 5, 2017

order to avoid this terrifying experience, they make the famous “puppy face”. They think that maybe this way at the end they will get what they want, going to a dog park instead of going to that scary vet who does not like them. At least that is what dogs think of their vets.

Little Molly, a cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has just realized that her owner has taken her to the most scary place on earth, the vet’s office. Helpless Molly does not know what else to do, except to whine and pant. Maybe growling will help her and it will show her owner Molly’s firm attitude that she does not want to go to the vet.

“Let me sniff around… Nope, this is the smell. We’re there! Oh, my God, we are at that scary place! Come on human, you can not be serious. Really?! You have taken me at the vet’s office?… Oh, no, I am in trouble...”, goes trough Molly’s mind.

She even tries making her sleepy face. Her tiny snout makes all the sounds her mind could think of.

“Come on human, hold me, I am afraid. You do not know how I feel. You have never been in this kind of trouble...”

Than all of a sudden she hears her owner’s voice “What is wrong with you?… Time to go home?”. Oh, yes, those were the word she wanted to hear “go home”. And suddenly Molly becomes completely another dog, a happy one, waving her tail.

Yay, we are going home… She has taken her seat in the car and home they go.

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