Funny Great Dane Checks Out The Neighbors

Published October 3, 2018 20,186 Plays $13.58 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEllie the Great Dane has learned a new trick! Watch and laugh as she realizes she is now tall enough to look over the wall and visit her friends. Peeping Ellie! This is not our first round seeing this pooch. Ellie has been featured in a few videos here at Rumble, and they are always a hit. This beautiful Great Dane has such a big personality, and she is always showing her audience something new and interesting. The cyber-society is getting to know Ellie through her adorable videos lately, and everyone is anxious to see more from her. We all love watching our pets do what seem to be really strange and crazy things from our point of view, and this is a perfect example.

Situations like these are even funnier though when you try to see them through the pet’s point of view. For example, every dog owner in the world has had at least one moment where their dog seems to be barking at something that their owner does not even see. Sometimes it really does look like they are literally barking at nothing. They could be staring across the street, going absolutely berserk, but there is nothing there that we can see. However, in the dog’s head, they may be looking at something as simple as a plastic bag slowly being rolled down the street by the wind, but the dog sees this as a threat they must protect their owner from. They certainly get very proud of themselves also when they believe they have “saved their humans” from the catastrophic encounter with this “dangerous killer plastic bag!”

In this case, Ellie may be checking out her new neighbors to make sure that they do not pose a threat to her people. While her parents may already have met the new neighbors and are perfectly comfortable with them, Ellie feels that her job is to always protect her people from any outside unwanted threat! Dogs sure are precious that way aren’t they?

Perhaps Ellie is sniffing these people out to let them know, “hey now, these are my people, and they are not yours. Do you see my wall here? Now this side of the wall is mine, and there is no need for you to cross it ok? You stay over there, and all will be well in the world. Mom, back up now until I have a chance to completely scope out these new folks. We don’t know them well enough quite yet for you to just be over here so close to them.”

If you have never tried to create a dialogue of what could possibly be going on in your dog’s head, you are missing out on some laughs! It is always hilarious to try to figure out just what they might say or be thinking in a given situation. They certainly must see the world so differently than humans do. Surely these proud pup parents feel so lucky to have this beautiful baby in their family!