Great Dane Shows Off Its Halloween Spider Costume

Published October 9, 2018 6,747 Views $6.62 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEllie the Great Dane looks awesome in her Halloween spider costume, which is one of many that she will be modeling. Watch and laugh as she and Mikey greet their owner with the groceries and enjoy a little chicken snack. The owner is completely smitten to see her puppy dressed up for Halloween. Ellie does not seem to mind as I am sure she loves the attention.

Spider dog! Ellie transforms into a spider for Halloween and has to get dad’s approval before going out tonight. Surely Ellie is concerned sometimes whey she is the only pup in the house that must dress up because her sibling is not having to dress up.

It is incredible that a “spider dog” would be able to help bring anything into the house after showing her dad her costume. Since when do we create costumes not only for everyone but everything such as animals?

With the wind up, Ellie appears concerned about her Halloween outing and surely will be upset about not being able to show off to her neighboring pup friends. After all, she has gone to great lengths to get ready for the evening. Mom encourages Ellie to eat before going out to show off her costume as all good moms feed their babies before trick or treating for candy. Otherwise, like even most kids, Ellie will want to eat up all of the candy before coming back home. Mom pushes to get Ellie, spider dog a piece of chicken. Dad is so awesome and makes sure Ellie gets her chicken to which mom insists Ellie should sit before eating a good meal. Mom seems like a perfectionist as well because she is concerned that Ellie is losing things out of her mouth. What an incredible spider dog, mom.

Ellie, the spider dog could be a role model for children because she did not try to take her little brother’s food. This family makes sure everyone has what they need to make Halloween a great evening for all involved. A great spider costume and a good meal.

Mom could so the spokesperson for all of the spider dogs in the world. She is a great vocalist for the importance of all dogs to try being a spider dog for Halloween. Uh, oh little brother, it sounds like you will be dressing up for Halloween soon. We wonder if it will look as cool as big sister’s spider dog costume.

The costume companies have to be proud knowing that even animals and animal lovers want to join in on the Halloween festivities. Surely the neighbors know that a spider dog will be visiting this evening and have made the necessary arrangements for puppy treats or bugs, since spiders like bugs. Yes, chicken treats are great before a night out. Hopefully the neighbors will have something that Ellie, the spider dog and her brother will enjoy for nights to come. Mom, you get an award for making sure your babies aren’t left out this Halloween.