Baby Owl Preciously Cuddles With Its Owner

Published September 30, 2018 2,149 Views $4.92 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWatch this great video that will remind you how beautiful animals are. The main motive in the lives of these fluffy sweet birds, is to offer love and soften our hearts, to infect us with their kind way of existence and teach us to appreciate life with the beings we love. This beautiful baby owl will steal your heart in just a few seconds in this video.

When we talk about tender things we refer to scenes like the one in this video, where a beautiful baby owl melts us with tenderness, when it curls up with its owner in a very adorable and loving way; in this way it shows the great love and affection they both have. How tender!

This beautiful video will captivate you when you see this baby owl asleep in the most innocent and peaceful way that can exist. With all confidence, this baby owl rests on the face of its owner, while he caresses it with much love, in response to this we can see how the baby owl makes a kind of movement with its beak, as if wanting to talk and tell its owner “I love you too”!

There are moments in life that are so special, thanks to this kind of connection between pets and their owners. Although our pets can't talk to us and tell us they want a hug, it's sure that if there's affection in between, they will come to give you warm hugs and all their unconditional love. It is known that when you have a pet since this is just a baby, that pet will see you as his father or mother, and you will become his protector, so it is normal to look for you to calm it down, like this little owl that is a definition of tenderness in all its expression.

Although owls are known to be enigmatic and mysterious, this baby still doesn't know anything about it, and the only mystery we can notice is that it is really loving in spite of being considered a wild and territorial bird. We see how this baby does want to share its territory with the person who has taken care of it all this time. There is the phenomenon that causes deaths in birds called "death by sadness". This can occur when you have exotic or wild birds as pets, and these have no company of other birds, also have little affection with their owner, as well as not being in their own natural habitat, can feel in a strange place. We are encouraged that there are such special cases like in this video, where you notice the dependence that this bird has with its owner, which is a very special connection, able to break any sadness.

Taking care of our pets is synonymous with loving the life of every being that grows on the planet, and there is no better way to express it than to give them the necessary attention when they need our presence and warmth. Many puppies or baby animals, do not have a mother, either by separation or loss, but for that we have decided to share our home with our pet, mainly to love her as a member of the family.

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