Woman Befriends Sweet Abandoned Fawn

Published September 27, 2018 2,679 Plays $4.03 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThere are few things that are more precious than a sweet little baby deer. Just like the iconic Bambi, this little baby is without her mother during a time in her life when that is the one thing she really needs to be able to survive. As the story goes, it is said that "This fawn was separated from her mother in a flood. She was dropped off in this woman's secluded neighborhood by Wildlife Management for safekeeping."

Wandering alone and scared and confused, this poor thing could have easily been a fatality to the grips of hunger, another animal, or even humans. Thankfully, and luckily for this little one, this elder befriended her. The fawn seems to have taken quite a liking to this woman, possibly substituting the woman mentally as a kind of replacement mother figure. The fawn seems totally and completely comfortable with this woman, allowing the woman to pat her and love her while they sit together and figure out one another. The fawn looks at the woman, and there is no trace of fear to be seen at all. This is not a common scene that one would see or find all that often.

Deer are usually very wary of people and of most other animals as well. They do not readily approach people in this way that often. Perhaps the fawn's comfort and lack of fear toward this woman could possibly be due to the fact that being without a mother, the fawn never learned what things in the world out there she is supposed to steer clear of, and what things are ok and safe to explore and be around. Animals usually have a natural instinct for this, and surely the fawn does too, but she is apparently not at all worried or threatened by humans. This could make for a really adorable friendship between this woman and this deer, and as we see, it certainly makes for an adorable video!

It must feel like such a privilege to be able to be this close to an animal in such a rare fashion. Deer especially are seen as such beautiful, graceful, and interesting animals, but few people ever have the opportunity to get this close to a live one. Unfortunately, these animals are hunted very regularly and very commonly, so most people who get this close to a deer are doing so after the deer has been hunted. It is sad to even think of the possibility that this little baby in this video could ever have the potential to fall victim to hunting or anything of the like. Hopefully, this little girl will hang around this neighborhood she has found herself in where people obviously tend to care about her and will be kind to her. It seems that she may have found a forever home in this neighborhood; hopefully, she is around people who will look out for her. If everyone is kind to her, she could become the neighborhood mascot.