Man Fails To Get His Repossessed Truck Back And Faces The Police

Published September 25, 2018 673 Views $16.70 earned

Rumble / Epic Fails"Shortly after this vehicle had been taken away from the registered owner, that person chased our employee a couple of miles and then hopped in his pick up truck to supposedly grab some personal belongings. The rest is what you see on video. Due to a chain being attached to the truck he was not able to drive off. The police showed up and arrested the guy." - explains a person who has witnessed this incident.

The moment captured on camera is of a man who had his truck repossessed and he attempts to get it back but everything goes horribly wrong before he is ultimately arrested. The incident occurred off a highway in Homestead, Florida on September 13. The registered owner of the truck had been chasing an employee of the company that towed the vehicle down a highway for a couple miles with the help of a buddy. The man behind the camera is heard how he directs his friend jumping in the pickup and trying to speed off. Unfortunately for him, a chain was attached to the pickup the employee was driving to tow the vehicle making his efforts nearly impossible.

The man was arrested after the police arrived at the scene. The man has failed miserably before he was arrested. The man had nothing else to do or say, so he claimed that he was trying to gather the personal belongings he left inside the truck before it was taken away. We don’t know whether he faced charges. As he fired up his truck and made an unsuccessful attempt to free it from the tow truck, we can see the rear wheels already in the air, and a situation that was never going to end well. There are some gnarly snapping and grinding sounds as the truck struggles to free itself. The rear end of the truck is a hot mess by the end of the footage. The truck made it to the ground but couldn't break free from the safety chains.

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