Driver Finds Baby Crawling Across A Street In New Jersey

WPTV Published September 25, 2018 270 Plays

Rumble Authorities say a baby girl was found crawling across a busy New Jersey street, but was fortunately unharmed after a neighbor and passing motorist came to her aid.

Cory Cannon was driving to his next work appointment in Lakewood New Jersey when he came face to face with a the middle of the street! "I was on my way to another job and noticed something in the middle of the street," claimed Cory when interviewed. "I was really sure what it was. Then I saw the baby move!" You can see the emotions in his eyes as he remembers back to the moment he saw the baby in the middle of the road.

He had his GPS open for directions and so quickly snapped photos. As he got closer, he saw the baby next to the yellow lines. The Cannon say, he used his truck as a roadblock. "I blocked off traffic and got out of my truck and held off traffic until someone came and picked the baby up. I didn't feel comfortable because the baby was a little bit irritated. So I just waited for a neighbor to come and pick the baby up. She said it wasn't her child and she didn't know who it belonged to." Cannon says, reliving the unbelievable story. A crowd started to gather as the baby sat in the middle of the road. Thank goodness for the goodwill of Cory Cannon blocking off the street with his truck or this story might have had a terrible and tragic ending.

So Cannon said he looked around and saw that the screen door of 201 Joe Parker Road was not secured. The baby was street crawling towards that direction. "So I knocked on the door and a three or four year old door came to the door, then an adult came to the door and I asked if it was his child and he said 'oh yeah, I'm sorry'. I said you don't have to apologize to me, you need to apologize to your daughter." The assumed father seemed to brush off the situation like it happens everyday. He obviously was not concerned for his daughters safety and made no attempts to secure the ripped screen in the front door.

Neighbors that were spoke with who are part of the community said they were distraught to hear about what happened and questions how the child made it so far out of the house. The neighbors did not want to go on camera but did say "You just can't figure out how it could have happened. Only because God wanted it. There's no other way. She's one of those Mothers that, like, her kids are always in her carriage." Although she chose to stay off camera, the neighbor was clearly distraught over the situation and taking god that the child was not hurt or even killed in the middle of that road.

The neighbor also said that the family has five or six children. Police say the situation is under investigation and the parents could face child endangerment charges.