Crawling Baby Crossing A Busy Street Rescued By Good Samaritans

Published March 19, 2018 70,214 Views $1,628.23 earned

Rumble A bizarre video has emerged from a dashboard camera witnessing the shocking moment when a crawling baby emerges in the middle of a busy highway, making its way to the other side of the road, luckily avoiding incoming traffic!

In this clip, filmed on March 13, 2018 in Quang Ninh, Vietnam, a man is driving down the road when he suddenly spots a baby crawling across the road. Luckily, the driver is quick to act and immediately stops his vehicle! Fortunately the baby was not harmed, but guardians should be punished!

This is the curious moment when an unsuspecting driver stumbles upon a crawling baby in the middle of a busy highway, and immediately stops for the rescue. Shocking by the dreadful sight, he first thought of the worst: Will he manage to rescue the baby from the unfortunate predicament? However, the strange situation soon took an even stranger turn.

A man came running from the opposite side of the highway and rushed towards the crawling baby. The man picked the baby up in panic and disappeared from the busy street! Have you seen something so bizarre before?

What kind of parents leave their baby alone and risk for something like this to happen! They should be punished for this irresponsible behavior and their poor parenting skills! This time, the horrific situation had a happy ending, however, parents should take the consequences!

Fortunately, Good Samaritans were quick to act and spotted the crawling baby on time! We don’t even want to imagine what could have happened in the worst case scenario! Shame on those who let this happen!