Little Girl Dances To Halloween Theme In A Spirit Store

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Being scared by horror movies is all about each viewer's frame of mind - and you'll find no better proof of that than this video. The video depicts a young girl in a store, who is getting her dance on to the classic theme from Halloween - despite possible deterrence from a frightening Michael Myers display.

We are soon going to hit that time of the year where Halloween stores start popping up in the corpses of old buildings providing us with spooky entertainment as we get ready for our favorite time of the year. Scary decorations, pop-up scares and frightful costumes fill these stores and sometimes provide an unexpected scare… to everyone except this little girl. If you’ve been in a Spirit store you’ve probably noticed the giant Michael Myers prop that moves while the Halloween theme plays. Let’s be real for a moment - If we saw this as children we would probably have left the store screaming. This girl however, embraces the Halloween spirit and makes the best of the situation.

Some people have so much dancing energy inside them that they can dance to any sort of music whether it’s danceable to or not. When it comes to children, it’s really interesting that they can find fun even when they don’t have the context. And it comes as a real surprise that this little girl is not terrified of large men in masks with carving knives.

Talking about the video, her mom said: "We were at the Halloween store on the way to a Chuck E. Cheese. My daughter ran into the Spirit store and instantly in love with all the scary interesting things. She didn’t want to leave when she discovered the Mike Myers attraction, so we danced to his song and I recorded it because I thought it was too funny."

The way she dances while her eyes are set at the Michael Myers prop to the Halloween theme song just might be the cutest and most comical thing you see today. This little one makes us so proud as she is dancing joyously in front of this serial monster holding kitchen weaponry. How can he ever be boring and dull the bright light of her dancing.

Some kids are fascinated by the prop, others are terrified by it while teenagers would run up to the store at night and spook each other out in front of the doll. However, we don’t really know what is about Michael Myers, but it seems that he appeals to children. Kids just aren't afraid of Michael Myers anymore, and this viral video proves it. The girl falls instantly in love with all the scary interesting things, especially with this massive animated Michael Myers. What should have been a short visit at the shop, took longer time as this girl couldn’t have enough of the song. It is like she has fallen under the spell of Mike Myers doll and nothing else distracts her. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

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