"Cute Tot Girl Cries Over a Rotten Halloween Pumpkin!"

AFVViralsPublished: February 22, 201810 views
Published: February 22, 2018

"You know it's Halloween time when pumpkins are abundant, placed all over the porches and in front yards, beautifully carved and decorated. But, nothing lasts forever, not even pumpkins! Unfortunately, this cute tot girl seems to be entirely unaware of that fact and gets very upset with when she finds her Halloween pumpkin ruined by rotting. She simply thought that it would last forever! But, now she sees her beautifully decorated Halloween pumpkin all withered and dead, and what make it even worst, only her pumpkin looks like that. Her brother's carved pumpkin is still holding pretty well. That must be so confusing for this adorable little tot girl, who simply can't understand what happened to her lovely pumpkin. She is so disappointed and sad. Not even her mother can comfort her by promising to buy more pumpkins next year. Luckily her mother's warm hug can make things better, at least until the next Halloween season!"

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