Dance Crew Entertains Passengers During A Long Flight Delay

5 years ago

One particular annoyance for literally every flyer are flight delays. Almost everyone who flies regularly has experienced them. Unfortunately, delays are as inevitable as death and taxes. Even when everything’s running on time, you still have to arrive early to ensure you make it through ticketing, security checks, and all that jazz.You’re stuck in the airport for a sizable amount of time, but there’s no reason that the time you spend waiting must be wasted. You might wonder what to do to fight boredom and instead of counting down the minutes, you can do something meaningful or maybe if you were born under a lucky star, somebody else can make your waiting time less painful.

A flight was delayed for 6 hours in Dallas, creating many many angry tired passengers. So the dance crew Funkywunks sprung into action to do what they do best - entertain and put smiles back on their faces! This dance crew is from Orlando and they were competing on NBC’s “World of Dance”. The crew counts eleven members which perform in the hip-hop style, and they range in age from 17 to 28. The group was U.S. All Star Federation champions in 2015. They really enjoyed the “World of Dance because it is based around dancing in comparison to America’s Got Talent which is a variety show. Moreover, they had the opportunity to meet some of the most incredible dancers.

This dance group is totally worth the time spend waiting at the airport. They perform different dancing techniques showing their incredible talent to a mixture of famous songs. Everybody’s eyes are drawn at them as people at the airport take out their mobile phones and start filming them. Undoubtedly, they know how to make the delay look shorter even if there are six hours of delay in question. This dance crew with their little contribution, puts a smile to each passenger's face no matter how furious or agitated they are.

The Funkywunks are real feast for the eye and it’s a good thing that they happen to be at that same airport when the passengers caught in the delay needed entertainment the most. They got free tickets for the show and can’t complain about it. The performance of the crew is full of energy and very playful as they bring interesting dancing movements to the table. We are impressed and it is simply very difficult not to love them. It’s an incredible experience, the one that obviously went viral at the speed of light.

This is not the first case of somebody giving free entertainment at the airport. Look at the following video where one lady is getting ready to perform an incredible bend by warming up and stretching her body bit by bit. We are not quite sure what she is up to until the moment we see her under the chair as much lower as possible, bending her body like a reed in the wind! We are at first confused, then amazed, then petrified after we have realized that what this lady is doing is totally awesome and we must say it looks kind of difficult. Imagine how much strength you need to have in the muscles of your whole body to perform something like this. It may look naive and simple and that is because somebody else is doing it, but when it comes to us, it takes a lot of practice and time to be able to do it. Hail to this girl! Hats off!

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