Young Woman At An Airport Limbos Under A Chair

Published August 28, 2018 584 Views $16.83 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeHave you heard about limbo dancing? Limbo dancers must pass under a horizontal pole backward at the waist without touching the pole and not touching the ground with their back. Hence, we get the word limbo to mean ‘limber’. If the dancer touches the pole or the ground, the dancer is to no longer participate in the dance. Then, as the line of limbo dancers completes the original height, about shoulder high, the pole is lowered about 6 inches.

A couple at Pennsylvania airport had the opportunity to witness something similar to the limbo dance but instead of a pole, an airport chair was used. "My wife and I created a viral video last year at this airport. We had a show, and decided to reenact it and get another viral video as well." - says the licensor of this video. It shows a young lady at an airport doing something similar to a limbo dance but instead of a pole she uses a chair.

The lady is getting ready to perform the incredible bend by warming up and stretching her body bit by bit. We are not quite sure what she is up to until the moment we see her under the chair as much lower as possible, bending her body like a reed in the wind! We are at first confused, then amazed, then petrified after we have realized that what this lady is doing is totally awesome and we must say it looks kind of difficult. Imagine how much strength you need to have in the muscles of your whole body to perform something like this. It may look naive and simple and that is because somebody else is doing it, but when it comes to us, it takes a lot of practice and time to be able to do it. Hail to this girl! Hats off!

She weaves her whole body like a snake and there is no body part that is not being active during this airport performance. People can’t take their eyes off her because admit it, we can’t either. She doesn’t stop when she crosses under the chairs, but she is still strong to continue with her limbo a few more steps. It is simply bewildering! There she goes, getting out of the pose as easier as she got into it in the first place, without any effort and as light as a feather. We get the impression that her body is made out of rubber because it is so supple that she can fit into a small suitcase. At the end everybody is shouting and cheering because this girl totally nailed it! She can’t be happier than this.

The limbo dance is always is accompanied by music. There are some wonderful traditional and popular limbo songs you can explore. Most folks in the United States recognize a song by Chubby Checker called the Limbo Rock and you can play that song as a Youtube video. We hope you had as much fun as we did with the limbo video above. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share your videos with us!