Energetic Dog Loves Running Around In Heavy Storm

PatrickDietrich Published September 13, 2018 1,621 Plays $5.37 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDraxx's humans are flabbergasted every time there is a powerful storm going on, and who wouldn't be!? I do not know of any other animals, much less K-9’s who enjoy storms or voluntarily run outside to enjoy the weather when it is at its worst! You cannot help but smile and giggle watching this pup loving life. Watching this sweet boy running around will bring a smile to your face, that’s for sure!

Even though it is pouring with rain, Draxx does not seem to mind the added moisture that is undoubtedly coating his beautiful, black fur. Not to mention, there is also some viscous lightning happening as well! It really makes you wonder, what is it about storms that this silly dog is so excited about? What would you think if your dog suddenly started doing this? I think I would be a bit speechless for a while definitely! As owner of three dogs, we know what it is like having scared fur babies in the house trying to find a hiding place to feel safe from all the rain, thunder, and lightning. As a pet owner, it is actually probably a major relief to not have that problem! Some dogs even howl or bark continuously during storms of this nature!

Can’t you almost hear Draxx in his head singing that song we all knew and loved as kids? Oh yes, you know the one: “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be!” Now, you know you cannot help but smile when you add that little gem of a flashback to this pup’s disposition! The only drawback we can see here is that “wet dog” smell they get after getting wet! Now, if you are not familiar with why that smell shows up, let us explain it to you the best way that we can (By the way, we do not claim to be a scientist or veterinarian, so we are not an expert; we are just a fellow pet owners of 3 dogs that has had to smell a lot of yucky dog stenches!).

Basically as it has been described to us in the past, dogs have a specific oil coating in their undercoat that is excreted at the skin. The purpose of this oil is to help with water resistance, skin ph levels, etc. When your dog gets wet, the skin excretes more of this oil, which produces the smell. The only way to combat this smell is to be sure to fully scrub your dog’s coat during bathing; however, it is not entirely healthy for the dog to have all of their natural excreted oils washed away with each bath, so exercise your judgement on what you feel is right and best for your fur bestie! Because of the odor though that dogs are naturally going to produce, we have to wonder if Draxx’s parents have ever tried lightly spritzing him with a little “pet shampoo” before he goes and runs around in all that rain—maybe they could get their dog bathed at the same time, and Draxx wouldn’t be any the wiser! If his owner’s have not tried that little trick yet but decide to, hopefully they will video that as well so that we can see our ole’ buddy Draxx again!