NYC Bagel and Sandwich Shop Franchise - The History Behind America's Top Bagel Franchise

Published September 3, 2018

Rumble How did this baked good of simple Eastern European origin become the world famous stalwart of the New York breakfast? It seems there are now as many different variations of the Big Apple offering than there are fans of the bagel. It’s easy to see why, the wafting smells of a freshly baked batch are as tempting to the nostrils as the sound of the accompanying coffee being poured is to the ears — the perfect morning wake up.

Although known as a New York speciality, the bagel’s popularity has spread statewide thanks to franchises such as NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop, which promises a taste of the Big Apple across America. This is not however a homegrown good, and its origins hark back to Eastern Europe in the 1600s, making the bagel one of the States’ most popular immigrants. Legend has it that it was created to commemorate a brave Polish general. Jan Sobiesk, whose triumphs in Vienna caused the commoners in his Polish hometown to cling to his stirrups on his return back. The form of the bagel was therefore shaped to mimic the stirrups (obviously?!). As with most legends, this is likely a myth. Apparently the bagel rose in popularity in the early 17th Century as a gift during childbirth. Further proof of its status as the ultimate comfort food? Its popularity spread across neighbouring Eastern and Central European countries, and Polish immigrants became the evangelists of the bagel. Its popularity in London has been noted for centuries, and is marked by the famous Jewish bakery on Brick Lane, which serves customers 24/7 for whenever they need their bagel fix. Nowhere has quite coined the prestige of bagel capital, however, quite like New York. Introduced by Jewish bakers in the early 20th Century, it was soon so popular in Manhattan’s Lower East Side that a trade union was established solely to protect the rights of Jewish bagel bakers. Popularity spread further in the Sixties, when the introduction of bagel making by machine allowed the spread of the bagel nationwide.

According to the NYC Bagel Franchise, sales of the bagel have risen {excuse the baking pun} 500% since the early 90’s. It’s a little difficult to believe that it is only in the last thirty or so years that the bagel has been so readily available outside of New York, but the consumption of this delicious breakfast is showing no signs of slowing. This chain alone has seen a distinct rise in popularity since its 1994 origins. What makes the NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop Franchise rise above others? First off, every NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop location offers fresh baked bagels that are baked daily on site so you will always have that “Fresh, Hot. Big Apple” bagel. At NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop, we take great pride in our food and our exceptional franchise opportunity. We strive to provide our franchisees with the best ingredients for food products, best tools and knowledge to run a successful local business and we encourage owners to learn the skills that will allow them to own multiple units. Why do people join the NYC Bagel Franchise team?

Great Food
Location Flexibility
Low Investment
Proven Operational and Control System!
As a franchisee for NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop, what can you can expect:

Simplicity: We have an easy to run operation with minimal space needs
Support: We have proven systems in place to assist all our franchisees 24/7
Control: We teach our owners to use our detailed control & inventory methods
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