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Compassionate Puppy Brother Comforts Sister With Parvo

An emotional video has emerged showing the strong connection between two canine siblings. Filmed on July 3, 2018 in Al Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt, footage shows two puppies resting in the clinic, one soothing the other. Incredible!

Reportedly, these two puppies were being treated for the Parvo Virus in the Africano Centre clinic in Cairo. The male puppy had made a recovery before his sister, and he was acting so worried and emotional about her and started to give her his support and love until they both made a full recovery. Have you ever seen such compassionate pup before? Unbelievable!

The bond between siblings is the tightest one of them all. Despite the fact that you can’t exchange your brother or sister for another, because this is what you get and you are stuck with them forever, many find a best friend and a loyal confidante in their sibling. It is quite similar with animals too.

The two puppies from this video share the most incredible bond we have ever seen, putting everyone else to shame. Watch as the compassionate brother comforts his sister, helping her cope with her health condition and easily recover from Pavio Virus. How adorable!

Placing his head on his sister’s body, gently hugging her with his paws, the pooch is subtly telling his sister that everything is going to be okay! Watching these two swell on their sorrow, comforting each other can teach us a valuable lesson on unconditional love! What a special bond these have, it is definitely a bond to envy!

If you still doubt dog’s compassionate nature, take a look at this other video when a clever support dog recognizes its owner’s panic attack at the airport and immediately gives a very soothing treatment to owner. Watch as this thoughtful dog comforts owner by rubbing its body against its human, and giving endless hugs and kisses! Is there any better way to stop a panic attack? We don’t think so!

Our pets are our companions, but you can definitely train your pet to also be yours and your close one's guardian as well. This woman puts her dog to the test in this controlled training exercise and records dog’s reaction to her having a panic attack.

Therapy dogs are trained to help those who are sick and in need and play a very important role in human lives. Service animals assist those with medical conditions helping them with their daily tasks, and therapy dogs provide priceless emotional support to those in need!

However, humans sometimes need to return the favor. Take for example this video of a fearful dog scared of thunderstorm being soothed by a little girl. The tot does her best to console the pup during the stressful moment. Adorable!

How does your dog feel about thunderstorms? While some dogs are ignorant of the disturbing noise atmosphere's natural electrical charges make, others are afraid of them to the bone. Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms and lightning?

The good news is that the storm will pass, because storms always pass, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something to comfort your pet during a thunderstorm! There has been a recommendation to rub dryer sheets on your dog’s fur during thunderstorms, to help minimize the effects of the static electricity. Does this work?

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